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SSB Signs Deal with ASELSAN for Air Defence Systems

SSB Signs Deal with ASELSAN for Air Defence Systems

The deal is worth € 428.5 million and 4.8 billion TL. The size of the contract is significant and hints at a large acquisition of air defence systems for the Turkish Armed Forces.

ASELSAN is among the main contractors of the HİSAR and SİPER air defence systems, responsible for seekers of missiles, radars, command-control units, and communication systems. Examples of ASELSAN’s products within the scope of the two projects include.

  • IIR and RF seekers for missiles
  • HERİKKS Air Defence and Early Warning C2 System
  • Communications Relay Vehicle
  • Missile Launchers

In addition to HİSAR and SİPER projects, ASELSAN is working on GÖKDEMİR medium-range air defence system and GÜRZ gun-missile hybrid air defence system.

GÖKDEMİR is a complementary system for HİSAR O+ on an 8x8 truck with eight ready-to-fire GÖKDOĞAN BVRAAMs or BOZDOĞAN WVRAAMs. GÖKDEMİR, in this regard, bears similarities with the philosophy of NASAMS SAM system capable of firing AIM-120 AMRAAM and AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles, excluding the mobility part where NASAMS is towed, and GÖKDEMİR is mobile.

GÜRZ combines a 35 mm cannon capable of firing ATOM airburst ammunition, four short-range air defence missiles, and four other missiles with a more extended range. Detection capabilities include a 4-array AESA radar suite constantly scanning a 360-degree hemisphere and fire control radar.v