ST Engineering Reveals Next-Generation SAR Rifle

ST Engineering Reveals Next-Generation SAR Rifle

EDR On-Line reports that the new rifle to succeed the previous SAR-21 is produced from lighter materials and has ambidextrous controls, unlike its predecessor. However, these aren’t the only features.

The Next-Generation SAR will be chambered in both 5.56x45 mm and 7.62x51 mm NATO rounds with a quick conversion capability on the field. There will be two options for barrel length: 15-inch and 20-inch.

Photo Credit: J. Roukoz

The 5.56x45 mm configuration will use a new type of ammo developed by ST Engineering, 5.56 Ultra. The new round is stated to be capable of piercing 14 mm of steel slightly harder than NATO-standard RHA armour at 183 meters.

ST Engineering also displayed a fire control optic developed for the new rifle. The electro-optical device measures the distance with a laser rangefinder and tracks moving targets to increase the hit chances at range. The company is also considering the system to have potential for C-UAS applications. The U.S. is testing a similar idea to provide its soldiers with the ability to defend themselves from small UAVs.

The Next-Generation SAR represents how ST Engineering has learned lessons from SAR-21 and today’s battlefield. The rifle is expected to start its firing tests soon.