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STM’s Export of Drones to African Countries Continues

STM’s Export of Drones to African Countries Continues

According to information shared by ASİSGUARD, TOGAN drones were delivered to the Nigerian Police to provide border security within the scope of the 36.5 million Dollar Project by the Nigerian Defence Ministry.

STM has recently announced an export of TOGAN to an African country. STM’s sales to Nigeria are TOGAN’s second export.

TOGAN, the surveillance and reconnaissance member of STM’s tactical mini-UAV family, was developed with the company’s resources in line with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces in the field. TOGAN was introduced at the International Defence Industry Fair in 2017.

TOGAN is designed for tactical-level intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions.

It can perform some missions autonomously or controlled via remote control and be deployed and operated by single personnel.

The system includes “Micro UAV Platform” and “Ground Control Station” components.