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STM to Lead Turkish Navy’s Gür-Class Submarine Modernisation Programme

STM to Lead Turkish Navy’s Gür-Class Submarine Modernisation Programme

With a press release today, STM announced that critical navigation, mechanical and communication systems on board the Gür-Class Submarines will be modernised with modern national capabilities, thus extending their service life.

Under the leadership of the Defence Industry Agency (SSB), STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. continues to take critical tasks in the modernisation of the Navy’s submarines – as one of the vital strike power of the Turkish Armed Forces.

As the backbone of the Submarine Command, an important milestone has been reached in the Preveze and Gür-Class submarine (Type 209/1400) programmes. A Contract Amendment adding operations related to the Gür-Class Submarine Mid-Life Modernisation Program to the content of the Preveze-Class Submarine Mid-Life Modernisation Program was signed between the STM-ASELSAN-ASFAT-HAVELSAN Joint Venture (JV) and the SSB on 17 January 2024.

In the first phase of the renewed programme, the JV will modernise some of the critical navigation, machinery and communication systems on board the Gür-Class Submarines. The program, in which STM is responsible for system procurement and platform integration, is expected to be completed in six years.

In addition to the procurement and integration activities outlined in the Preveze-YÖM project, platform integration of the Domestically Produced Integrated Combat Management System (MÜREN) developed by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM with ADVENT MÜREN Combat Management Systems aboard PREVEZE Class and GÜR-Class Submarines are also carried out under the responsibility of STM. The Turkish Navy has four Gür-Class Submarines, the first of which was commissioned in 2004.

In the Mid-Life Modernisation Program of Preveze-Class Submarines initiated by the SSB in 2019, acceptance of the Inertial Navigation System, CTD Probes, Chilled Water System and Static Inverters, which have been procured and integrated onboard TCG PREVEZE by STM, was completed in 2023, and the modernisation of the submarines under the Project continues.


The Preveze-Class Submarines Mid-life Modernisation Program covers the modernisation of four submarines, namely, TCG Preveze (S-353), TCG Sakarya (S-354), TCG 18 Mart (S-355) and TCG Anafartalar (S-356) STM is taking the role of coordinator partner in the Project with responsibilities of procuring nine systems, and the platform integration of all systems procured under the Project.

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Özgür Güleryüz, General Manager of STM, stated that STM is undertaking essential tasks in the fields of submarine design, construction and modernisation, added: “With our qualified human resources and engineering power, we are carrying out critical works on the submarines of our Navy and our brother countries. As part of the modernisation works, we are continuing our efforts to equip our PREVEZE and GÜR-Class submarines, following the Ay-Class submarines, with the most advanced systems. We hope that the decisions made and our projects will be beneficial for the Defence Industry Agency, Turkish Naval Forces Command, and all our stakeholders. We will continue our operations without interruption to strengthen our Submarine Fleet Command, which is advancing ‘Silently and Deeply’ in the Blue Homeland.”

As part of its design, construction, and modernisation activities, STM produces indigenous and flexible engineering solutions for the surface and submarine platforms of the Turkish Navy and those of friendly and allied nations, aiming to address specific needs and ensure more effective mission performance.

Undertaking crucial tasks in the submarine modernisation and construction projects of the Turkish Navy, STM completed the modernisation of two Ay-Class submarines in its role as the main contractor in 2015. Continuing its system procurement and platform integration activities as coordinator partner in modernising four Preveze-class submarines, STM has also been serving as the main contractor in modernising the French-made Agosta 90B Khalid-class submarines owned by Pakistan since 2016. Deliveries of the first two submarines in the Agosta 90B Modernization project have been completed, and STM is continuing the modernisation works on the third submarine in Pakistan.

STM is also playing an essential role in the construction of New-Type Submarines (Reis-Class), which will be equipped with an air-independent propulsion (AIP) system. STM has successfully carried out design, engineering and system integration activities related to the Turkish Navy’s latest modern submarine design – the Reis-Class submarine, and has completed the domestic production of “Section 50” of the bow, which houses the torpedo tubes (main weapons), becoming one of the few countries in the world that can carry out such a task, and has completed their delivery under the Project.

In other news, the pressure hull test production of the small-sized STM500 submarine designed by STM engineers using domestic resources started in June 2022, and STM’s R&D activities to develop an unmanned autonomous underwater vehicle are also underway.