Stoltenberg calls Turkey “extremely important,”

Stoltenberg calls Turkey “extremely important,”

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called Turkey “extremely important,” saying the alliance is a platform to address differences and disagreements. “I think that we need to understand that Turkey is an important ally. Because you can just look at the map, and then you see that Turkey is extremely important,” said Stoltenberg at an online event with California-based Stanford University.

His remarks came in response to whether Turkey should be expelled from NATO over the relationship between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Stoltenberg said, Turkey is an important ally; at the same time, I have expressed my concerns about many issues, and I also know that many allies have expressed their concerns.

i think that it is nothing new that we see differences between allies. That has been the case throughout our history. And of course, the best thing is when you are able to agree on everything but when there are differences and disagreements also on serious and important issues. At least NATO is a platform for allies to raise these differences and disagreements and to express their

concerns, and to have open and frank discussions. That’s exactly what we have had in nato on many of those issues where i know that allies are concerned about issues related to Turkey. For instance, the situation of the Eastern Mediterranean migration the Turkish decision to acquire the Russian air defence system S-400. i have raised these concerns myself, including the s 400 issue.

Stoltenberg calls Turkey “extremely important,”

I think that we need to understand that turkey is an important ally because you can just look at a map, and then you see that turkey is extremely important, not least because it’s bordering Iraq and Syria and the progress we had made in fighting ISI liberating the territory they controlled in Iraq and Syria controlling millions of people infrastructure bases airports in Turkey has been of great importance.