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TEI Delivered 50th Engine for T-70 Helicopter

TEI Delivered 50th Engine for T-70 Helicopter

The acceptance tests for Turkish Engine Industries Inc.'s (TEI) 50th T700-TEI-701D engine have been completed. The engine is produced within the scope of the General Purpose Helicopter Program (TUHP) initiated by the Presidency of Defence Industries to meet Turkey’s utility helicopter needs using domestic resources.

According to the TEI press bulletin, a celebration ceremony was held at TEI Eskişehir facilities to deliver the 50th engine. Professor Mahmut F. Aksit, General Manager and Chairman of the Board, and members of the Board of Directors, TEI Managers, and TEI employees were in attendance. Akşit stated during the ceremony that they had built 63 T700-TEI-701D helicopter engines. According to Akşit, the TEI T700-TEI-701D engines deliver 60 more horsepower than the previous generation, which is still in the country’s inventory.

TEI Delivered 50th Engine for T-70 Helicopter

The TUHP includes the manufacturing of 109 civilian and military helicopters. Those helicopters will be powered by 218 engines, with an additional 18 engines constructed as spares. A total of 236 T700-TEI-701D Turboshaft Engines will be produced under the license of General Electric.

Engine T700-TEI-701D

T700-TEI-701D turboshaft engine, the last generation member of the T700 engine family, is a front-driven turboshaft engine that has the integrated air inlet particle sorter, and which consists of a single spool five-phase axial - single-phase centrifugal compressor, thru-flow annular combustion chamber (combustor), two-phase axial flow gas producer turbine, and two-phase free axial flow power turbine. T700-TEI-701D with the horsepower of 2000 shaft (shp) provides further power of five per cent and more robustness in the hot-section components of the engine, in comparison with the current T700-GE-701C engine.

T700-TEI-701D Specs

Maximum Continuous1,7161,2790,462
Length46 in (117 cm)
Nominal Diameter15,6 in (39,6 cm)
Weight456lb (207 kg)