TEI Runs TF6000 Turbofan Engine for the First Time

TUSAS Engine Industries TEI TF6000 Turbofan first run TEI's TF6000 Turbofan engine run for the first time

TUSAS Engine Industries Inc. (TEI) has run the TF6000 turbofan engine set to power Baykar’s KIZILELMA and TUSAŞ’s ANKA-3 UCAVs for the first time. TF6000 is critical because it is the first turbofan engine designed and produced in Turkiye capable of powering combat aircraft. Additionally, the engine will pave the way for the KAAN fighter jet’s indigenous engine with the obtained know-how. TF6000 can put out approximately 6000 lbf of thrust to power the first intended platforms. TF6000 will also come in the after-burning TF10000 version to put out 10000 lbf of thrust with the afterburner.

The new engine will allow Turkiye to proceed with the serial production of Baykar’s KIZILELMA and Turkish Aerospace’s (TUSAŞ) ANKA-3 more smoothly. There is uncertainty surrounding the supply of Ukrainian AI-322 engines because of the ongoing war. The issue also applies to first-stage engines of other platforms, such as TUSAŞ’s T925 and T929 helicopters. 

TF6000’s core can also be used for various engines in the future. The options include a turboshaft engine, gas turbine for fast attack craft, and generator. Theoretically, TF6000’s core can be used for a turboshaft engine suited for use on 10+ tonnes class helicopters.