TF-2000 Tender Waits Next Year

TF-2000 Tender Waits Next Year

The Turkish Navy anticipates completing the design phase of the TF-2000 Air Defence Destroyer by the end of 2022. Turkish Naval Forces Naval Technical Command, Design Project Office is working on the project according to the commander Rear Admiral Ramis Akın, who delivered a speech at the 10th Naval Systems Seminar held in Ankara.

Akın said, “The contract for the TF-2000 Air Defence Destroyer is expected to be finalised soon. Detailed design and construction activities of the prototype ship will start shortly.” He reminded the audience that the LHD Anadolu vessel will be in the inventory soon and it requires an air defence destroyer to function effectively. “After the design is finalised with harmonic collaboration amongst institutions, the detailed design and building operations for the prototype ship will begin.” It is based on the evolution of experience gained during the construction of the national ship (MİLGEM), the sustainability of this competence, and the most efficient use of national resources,” Akın added.

TurDef reported in July that the project is nearing completion. At the August International Defence Industries Fair (IDEF) press event, the President of Defence Industries (SSB) confirmed TurDef publishing. This development shows that the Navy and the SSB have agreed on the vessel’s design phase. The Navy’s project will be put into action. The shipyard’s location is currently unclear. The Navy may prefer to construct the ship at the Istanbul Shipyard Command as other MİLGEM ships are built there.

SSB, on the other hand, wishes to share this capability with a private shipyard. The vision of SSB may be summarised as follows: The Navy must protect the seas; the Navy cannot export the vessel, but a private shipyard can. The Navy, on the other hand, like to move quickly. The design may require modifications, and the private shipyard wants to ratify the new requirements first. The change also entails a financial burden.