The U.K. Announced New ASRAAM Missile Aid For Ukraine

The U.K. Announced New ASRAAM Missile Aid For Ukraine

Ukraine was provided with ASRAAM, originally an air-to-air missile, in 2023 for air defence. Ukraine was supplied with an ASRAAM launcher based on the British Supacat 6x6 tactical vehicle to launch the missiles. Supacat-based ASRAAM launchers were employed against kamikaze UAV attacks and attack helicopters of the Russian Armed Forces, as reported by U.K.-based The Times.

The launcher is an erector type with no canisters holding two ASRAAM missiles. The vehicle has an antenna most likely to gather data from radars supplied by the West.

The launcher is more simplistic compared to the CAMM system using RF-guided missiles derived from ASRAAM. This reduces costs and makes production and maintenance easier due to the absence of costly canisters, turning thrusters for vertical launch, and cold launch systems. Thus, this combination can support Ukraine’s need for a system that is easy to operate and maintain.

Thanks to Supacat’s mobility, the new launcher can support the fewer mobile systems used by Ukraine, such as NASAMS, S-300, and Patriot. While having the mobility advantage, the system covers ranges that mobile MANPADS launchers and SPAAGs similarly can’t.