The U.S. Approves Javelin ATGM Sale to Kosovo

The U.S. Approves Javelin ATGM Sale to Kosovo

The sale includes 246 FGM-148 Javelin ATGMs, 24 launcher units, training equipment, spare parts, and maintenance components.

FGM-148 Javelin is a shoulder-launched medium-range ATGM with a range of four kilometres and an all-up round weight of 34 kg. The missile uses a tandem-shaped charge warhead to penetrate heavy-armoured vehicles protected by explosive reactive armour blocks.

Despite the warhead’s sufficiency for heavy armour, the missile has a top-down attack mode to send the penetrating jet from the shaped charge from the far less armoured topside.

While the Javelin started as a shoulder-launched missile, it was also integrated into various remote-controlled weapon stations as a supplement against armoured vehicles, which the machine guns would fail to damage.

In 2023, clashes between Serbians and NATO KFOR personnel occurred in Kosovo, resulting in 25 injured from the KFOR. Some countries taking part in KFOR sent extra troopers following the incident. Additionally, new exercises were held during the following months. The attacks caused a rise in tension between Kosovo and Serbia.

Kosovo has acquired new military hardware from NATO countries over the past few years. These countries include the U.S. and Turkiye. Turkish military equipment used by Kosovo include:

  • Bayraktar TB2 UCAVs
  • ROKETSAN MAM-L and MAM-C guided munitions
  • BMC Vuran 4x4 armoured vehicles, including 120 mm mortar carrier configuration
  • ROKETSAN OMTAS medium-range ATGM
  • MKE PMT-76/57A 7.62x51 mm medium machine guns
  • MKE MPT-55 5.56x45 mm assault rifles (Used by the police force)