The US Air Force Test Fires AMRAAM

The US Air Force Test Fires AMRAAM

This missile is the newest international variant of the AMRAAM missile family, which was developed based on the Form, Fit, Function (F3R) refresh.

According to RTX’s press release, the AIM-120C-8 was fired from an F-15C Eagle fighter jet and successfully downed aerial targets while fulfilling all primary test flight objectives.

Under the F3R program, engineers use model-based systems engineering initiatives and other digital technologies to enhance some advanced circuit cards and processors in the missile guidance section.

This test firing of the AIM-120C-8 follows the successful completion of tests of the previous AIM-120D-3 variant.

Recently, the USAF awarded Raytheon a $1.15 billion AMRAAM contract to produce AIM-120D-3 and C-8 missiles for 19 countries worldwide.