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The U.S. Modernises its Polar Airlift Force

The U.S. Modernises its Polar Airlift Force

The first flight test with more powerful turboprop 3.5 upgrades was executed on October 11. The new engine has an upgraded compressor and improved turbines, which allow for significant improvements and cost savings in both maintenance and operations.

The 109th AW, based at Stratton ANG Base in Schenectady, New York, is in charge of the only ski-equipped LC-130 Hercules aircraft. This unit is deployed each year to the harsh environments of Greenland and Antarctica to support the National Science Foundation's (NSF) airlift and transport mission.

Due to friction locks or heavy cargo loads under the skis, these upgraded engines will allow the Air Freight Wing to solve the challenges encountered while taking off from the icy surface. With this new engine, aircraft can fly farther using less fuel. In addition, this machine maintenance is also more efficient, where maintenance is carried out less frequently.