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Turkish AESA Radar is integrated into Akıncı UCAV

Turkish AESA Radar is integrated into Akıncı UCAV

The indigenous Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar development project has yielded its first fruits. ASELSAN developed MURAD radar that will operate on manned and unmanned aerial platforms. MURAD is first integrated into AKINCI UCAV. It will later be integrated into KIZILELMA and F-16. After the integration tests, UAV’s flight tests with MURAD Radar on board will begin.

Integrating the MURAD Radar into the F-16 in the future constitutes one of the most important legs of the project. This radar will be used in F-16 aircraft that will be modernised with the Özgür Project.

ASELSAN EASA MURAD Radar F-16 Ozgur Project TurDef.jpg

Regarding the subject, ASELSAN General Manager Ahmet Akyol said in an interview, “It is a product developed by a few countries that provides significant added value in terms of capability to our UAVs. We named it MURAD. We have integrated this radar into AKINCI UCAV. Software integration has been made. We will experience its flight and performance trials together in the coming days.

This radar is a product that can track multiple targets, identify targets at long range, and make a difference in the airborne awareness of UAVs with several features ranging from sea modes to moving target tracking SAR/ISAR modes. It is an entirely domestically designed and produced system with thousands of electronic components.”