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Turkish Navy Brings TCG İstanbul and Anadolu at IDEF

Turkish Navy Brings TCG İstanbul and Anadolu at IDEF

Turkiye’s biggest defence industry expo, IDEF 2023, will start next week on 25th July and will last four days until 28th July. The expo mostly attracts its products for the army or air force, such as armoured vehicles or products for aerial platforms. This year, the naval platforms will have more room on the agenda. Turkish Navy’s biggest naval platform TCG Anadolu L400 will be waiting for her visitors at the Marmara Sea at Büyükçekmece Bay. 

TCG Istanbul F515 TurDef.jpg

The fifth vessel of Turkiye’s national ship (MİLGEM) programme, the İstif class frigate, which is the first frigate of her class TCG İstanbul F515, will accompany TCG Anadolu at Büyükçekmece. The ship is so new that her sea acceptance tests are not completed yet. So, it is unclear whether she will be in the inventory of the Turkish Navy or waiting to be handed. Visitors will have the opportunity to board the ship for the first time.

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