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Turkish Navy Receives Four Vessels Into Service

Turkish Navy Receives Four Vessels Into Service

The intrudction ceremony is held in Yalaova, Sefine Shipyard. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the ceremony and spoke about the capacity that Turkish defence industry gained.

Turkish Navy will gain four ships and three of them mark a new milestone. TCG İstanbul (F 515) is the first frigate of the MİLGEM national warship programme under the İ-class. Three more ships in this class are under construction, and four will be built according to the decision taken during the SSİK meeting. TCG Derya (A 1590) is the first Replenishment at Sea and Combat Support Ship which will serve as a force multiplier for the Naval Forces. The range and logistics power the Turkish Naval Forces can reach without visiting a port will increase significantly. This ship has multiple uses, as it can act as a command and control ship in wartime. TCG Derya (A 1590), the second largest ship of the Navy, stands out with its ability to conduct joint operations with USVs. TCG Derya (A 1590) and TCG Ütğm. Arif Emekçi (A 575) will boost the logistics capabilities of the Turkish Navy. 


MARLIN A/USV is a multirole USV that stands out with its modularity, which is swappable between mono-hull or trimaran configurations in a Lego-like manner through detachable hull extensions. So far, MARLIN is the largest USV to be developed in Turkiye, with a displacement of 21 tons and a length of 15 m. MARLIN will be the first USV in Turkish Navy's service.