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Turkish Seahawks to IFF with ASELSAN’s System

Turkish Seahawks to IFF with ASELSAN’s System

According to the information in the ASELSAN’s monthly communication bulletin, “ABulten”, the critical design review phase of IFF Mod 5/S Responder devices has been completed. ASELSAN designed and manufactured the product, and the integration activities have started.

The IFF Mod 5 Development and Procurement Agreement was signed between the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and ASELSAN in 2018. According to the bulleting, IFF Mod 5/S, Responder device design activities were completed under the ASELSAN Communications and Information Technologies (HBT) Sector Presidency’s, and the mass production started. Integration activities on the prototype platform were started under the responsibility of ASELSAN Microelectronic Guidance and Electro-Optics (MGEO) Sector Presidency.

IFF Mode 5/S Responder integration activities for all SH-70B helicopters under the contract will be carried out under the responsibility of the MGEO Sector Presidency.

The Seahawk can travel up to 100 nautical miles from the host ship and stay on station for several hours. The Navy can conduct surveillance, search and rescue, missile targeting, and anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare missions in all-weather conditions. Turkey has agreed to pay $550 million for 17 S-70B Seahawks.

The helicopter has an ARR-84 receiver, UYS-1 acoustic processing unit and on-top position indicator (ARN-146), all on the port side of the cabin. The helicopter is currently hovering over a submerged submarine, which is displayed on the ARN-146. The AN/ASQ-81 (V)2 towed magnetic anomaly detector was made by Raytheon.

The helicopter is armed with two Honeywell mk46 torpedoes or mk50 ALT advanced lightweight torpedoes. These helicopters are deployed in vessels mostly in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.