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Turkiye Launches Pakistan’s Fourth MİLGEM Corvette PNS TARIQ

Turkiye Launches Pakistan’s Fourth MİLGEM Corvette PNS TARIQ

The MİLGEM Corvette Project, of which the main contractor is Military Factory and Shipyard Management Inc (ASFAT) under the Ministry of National Defence, continues as planned.
Within the project’s scope, the biggest export breakthrough of the Turkish defence industry in a single item, a ceremony will be held next week at the Karachi Shipyard to launch the 4th MİLGEM corvette. 
The work will continue once the ship launches.
The PN MİLGEM Project contract was signed on 6 September 2018. The first ship of the project, PNS BABUR, was launched on 15 August 2021 at the Istanbul Shipyard Command, and the second ship PNS BADR was launched on 20 May 2022 at the Karachi Shipyard.

The last ship of the series, PNS TARIQ, was scheduled to be launched in May 2023, but it was later delayed. The vessel will be launched two months later than previously planned. While the ship will be launched, paying attention to the ebb and tide in Karachi is necessary. If the vessel is not launched within the targeted date range, it is essential to wait 15 days.
In addition to the MİLGEM Corvette Project, ASFAT also works on the design of the Cinnah Project, which symbolizes the continuation of the Pakistan-Turkiye cooperation.
The deal was signed in 2018
Pakistan has been trying to increase its naval capacity for decades due to its tense relations with its neighbour India. In this context, Pakistan signed an agreement with Turkiye to acquire four MİLGEM corvettes in 2018.


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