TUSAŞ Unveiles New Variant of ŞİMŞEK UAV

TUSAŞ Unveiles New Variant of ŞİMŞEK UAV (Photo Kaan Azman)

TUSAŞ exhibited the latest variant of its ŞİMŞEK target UAV alongside the ANKA-3 UCAV during its Teknik Gezi XL event, which was open to the public visit. The new variant is tailored for higher speeds, with its revised airframe, which has a sharper profile and smoother surface. Additionally, there is a camera on top of the air intake. This new variant’s overall profile bears some resemblance to the larger SÜPER ŞİMŞEK UAV, set to be used on ANKA-3 UCAV. TUSAŞ may intend to keep ŞİMŞEK alongside the higher-performance SÜPER ŞİMŞEK as a cheaper and lighter alternative with improvements on the design. 

(Photo Kaan Azman)

Strategically positioned near the new ŞİMŞEK variant was the ŞİMŞEK UAV equipped with what appears to be chaff/flare launchers on its wingtips. This configuration opens up a range of possibilities, from enhancing training regimens with countermeasures to serving as a more challenging decoy in combat scenarios. The ŞİMŞEK UAV, initially developed as a target UAV, has evolved to serve a variety of roles. It can be launched from catapults or air-borne from ANKA and AKSUNGUR UCAVs. Its uses have extended to include decoy operations, and most recently, it has been configured for kamikaze missions. In this configuration, it can reach a range of 200 km and is guided optically in the terminal phase, showcasing its versatility and adaptability.