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Two Months for First Çakır Missile Test

Two Months for First Çakır Missile Test
Speaking to a Turkish television channel, İkinci talked about Roketsan"s projects. İkinci stated that Çakır is counting down the days for the trial phase. According to İkinci, the first launch test of the anti-ship system will be conducted at the end of 2022. It is aimed that the Çakır will become a joint solution for launching from all kinds of platforms and vessels. The first platform integration is planned for 2023. The missile will use an indigenous KTJ-1750 turbojet engine.Two Months for First Çakır Missile TestÇakır is developed to close the capability gap between the Turkish L-UMTAS air-to-ground missile and Atmaca anti-ship missile. The range of the system is at least 150 kilometres. The missile, which weighs 330 kilograms with a booster, is also equipped with 70 kilograms high explosive semi-piercing blast fragmentation thermobaric warhead. According to Roketsan data, the system is equipped with INS and GNSS with sea-skimming capability. Çakır can also switch to IIR or hybrid RF IIR guidance in the terminal phase.Two Months for First Çakır Missile TestÇakır Missile Technical Specifications
Range150 + km
Missile Weight275 kg (Without Booster) ≤ 330 kg (With Booster)
Missile Diameter275 mm
Missile Length3.3 m (Without Booster) ≤ 4.1 m (With Booster)
Warhead Weight70 kg
Warhead TypeHigh-Explosive Semi-Piercing Blast Fragmentation Thermobaric
Flight EngineTurbojet Engine
Navigation SpeedHigh Subsonic (Mach 0.75–0.85)
GuidanceMid-Phase Guidance: Inertial Navigation System Antijam Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Radar Altimeter Barometric Altimeter Terrain Referenced Navigation
System Terminal Phase GuidanceImaging Infrared-IIR RF Seeker Hybrid (IIR+RF) Seeker
PlatformsFixed and Rotary Wing Air Vehicles, UCAVs, AUSVs, Tactical Wheeled Land Vehicles, Surface Platforms