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UAV-230 Missile Achieves Sub-Meter Accuracy in Test

UAV-230 Missile Achieves Sub-Meter Accuracy in Test

The missile hit a marked point on the sea at a distance of 150 km with less than a one-meter error. In the previous test, UAV-230 reached a range of 140 km with AKINCI UCAV.

The demonstrated sub-meter accuracy of the missile is an important detail that shows the achievement made in the GNSS and INS guidance systems over the years. 

The range of the GNSS+INS-guided missile is stated as 150+ km, but this can change with launch altitude and speed. For AKINCI’s case, the 150 km mark is likely the current maximum range as the previous test approached it.

However, longer ranges are possible with faster and higher-flying platforms like KIZILELMA and ANKA-3. Said platforms can likely carry the missile internally in significant numbers as the fins can be folded down.

The UAV-230 is usually equipped with a fragmentation warhead, but there are also thermobaric and armour-piercing (likely shaped charge) options.


The system is readied for its mission after the firing preparation process is completed before leaving the UAV. After being released from the UAV, it falls freely for a certain period and autonomously ignites the solid fuel engine.

The UAV-230 is guided to the target with its GNSS-supported inertial guidance capability. This system provides a countermeasure against jamming systems as well. The system functions with a fire-and-forget capability. It allows the user to use it for critical missions without infiltrating deep into enemy positions.

UAV-230 has also been exported to an unnamed customer.

ROKETSAN has also developed the UAV-122, a lighter and cheaper alternative. The missile was tested towards the end of 2023 and hit a target 55 km away. At a weight of 76 kg, UAV-122 can be carried in larger counts or support heavy munitions.

Much like the UAV-230 was developed from the TRG-230 artillery missile, the UAV-122 was developed from the TRG-122 missile.