Ukrainian ACE to be used for defence

Ukrainian ACE to be used for defence
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The company kept the project secret until the very last moment. However, the UAV has some stealth appearance and Artificial Intelligence on board. TurDef has spoken to Dr Alexander V. Los, the Chairman of ACE.

Dr Los is a former President of the Antonov SE, a renowned professional and scientist with more than 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry. His project, therefore, received interest from the Ukrainian public.

Dr Los said in sum: The UAV is not stealth. We can only talk about low observability and low radar cross-section. Claiming stealth would be wrong as there are multispectral and passive radar technologies evolving every day.

Answering the purpose of Artificial Intelligence (AI), whether it is only for navigation or it can destroy the enemy target without human decision-making process, Dr Los said, “what we are using is not very different from that Baykar’s TB2 is using. IA is adopted to our territory and geography conditions.” His words mean that IA will not attack to target on its own.

Dr Los stated that ONE would not be used for special forces operations or intrusion purpose. He said on the contrary, “we will develop it for defence purpose. It will be used to protect our territory against foreign intrusion like in the Donbas region.

Dr Los indicated that they are open to benefit from Turkish expertise and ammunition by mentioning Baykar and Roketsan.