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Ukrainian Navy to receive two Mi-8MSB-V helicopters

Ukrainian Navy to receive two Mi-8MSB-V helicopters

Ukrainian Naval Aviation will receive two additional modernized Mi-8MSB-V helicopters. The Mi-8MSB-V is an upgrade offered by Motor Sich, representing an assault transport helicopter converted from old Mi-8T/SMV/PPA or Mi-9 fuselages.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence said the two helicopters would be stationed in the 10th Naval Aviation Brigade at Kulbakino, Mykolaiv.

Upgraded Mi-8MSB-B feature improved protection against IR-homed missiles and small arms, modern radio navigation equipment and an enhanced capability to perform Close Air Support (CAS) and S&R operations.

This helicopter also has two sets of satellite navigation systems, radar responders, emergency beacons, and solid-state emergency operational flight information recorders.

The new TV3-117VMA-SBM1V Series 4E turboshaft engine made by Motor-Sich was installed as the driving force for the Mi-8MSB-V to replace the old TV2-117 engine. The engine is used for improving the Mi-8’s hot and high performance and fuel efficiency and contributing to a reduction in direct maintenance costs. Engine TBO is 3,000 hours.

The new engine improves helicopter performance and reduces fuel consumption from 620 kg/h to 592 kg/h. Dry engine weight is 295kg, which is 39kg less than that of the TV2-117. It also increases the Mi-8’s static ceiling from 1,800m to 4,200m, while the dynamic ceiling rises from 4,500m to 6,000m.

Ukrainian Navy to receive two Mi-8MSB-V helicopters

Mi-8MSB-V is equipped with three pylons, which allow carrying missiles, rockets and ammunition. It can be armed with six free-fall bombs weighing up to 551lb (250kg), up to four VSM-1 mine-laying dispensers or 20-round B8V20MSB 80mm rocket packs, two UPK-23-250 23mm gun-pods or the GUV-series of gun-pods housing 30mm grenade launchers or a battery of 12.7mm and 7.62mm machine guns.

Meanwhile, for pilot protection, the seats are additionally armoured from lightweight ceramic materials.