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UMS SKELDAR announces V-200 UAV with ATOL

UMS SKELDAR announces V-200 UAV with ATOL

Previously, platforms have operated in assisted mode with a crew manually overseeing take-off and landing via a joystick or computer control. Now, full ATOL capability enables both take-off and landing to be performed through the simple press of a button. The platform uses a laser altimeter and GPS combination to track its location and calculate the required altitude reduction, culminating in a smooth and safe landing.

David Willems, VP Business Development and Strategy for UMS SKELDAR, explains: "The SKELDAR V-200 was conceived as a maritime platform, and this exciting achievement secures its place as the first choice for Navy commanders."

SKELDAR V-200 is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for maritime and naval operations.

Defence and security company Saab and UMS Aero Group AG, a Swiss supplier of tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), formed a joint venture under UMS Skeldar AG"s name in 2015.

The UMS Skeldar product portfolio consists of four certified vehicles in the 20-250 kg weight range. Alongside the Skeldar unmanned helicopter are two fixed-wing UAVs and another rotary-wing UAV.

The company is headquartered near Basel in Switzerland, with twin manufacturing facilities in Switzerland (Möhlin) and Sweden (Linköping).

UMS SKELDAR announces V-200 UAV with ATOL