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Vietnam orders L-39NG Albatros jet trainers from Aero Vodochody

Vietnam orders L-39NG Albatros jet trainers from Aero Vodochody

The 12 L-39NG (Next Generation) Albatros jet trainers will be delivered by Aero Vodochody under a contract signed between OMNIPOL and the Vietnam defence ministry. Vietnam will receive the aircraft between 2023 and 2024.

In addition to the aircraft, the contract covers the training of pilots, instructors, ground staff and mechanics. It also includes the supply of aircraft spare parts, ground training equipment, as well as logistical support and the construction of special airport systems.

The development of the new L-39NG jet is a project of aircraft manufacturer Aero Vodochody, owned by Penta Investments and strategic partner and co-owner of the L-39NG project, OMNIPOL Group. However, according to an agreement in June 2020, 100 percent of the shares of the holding company, which owns the Czech aircraft manufacturer AERO Vodochody, will be transferred to the Hungarian AERO Investment Partners Zrt. Hungarian businessman András Tombor who owns 51 percent of the shares of AERO Investments Partners Zrt., While 49 percent is owned by the Czech AERO International sro.

Vietnam orders L-39NG Albatros jet trainers from Aero Vodochody

The L-39NG has obtained the international type certificate in September 2020. The aircraft complies with the new international military standards (EMAR 21 and EMACC), which are also recognized by the EU and NATO defence authorities.

The L-39NG builds upon L-39 and incorporates features to reduce resistance and increase efficiency. Power is provided by the FJ44-4M engine while the avionics provide the means to train future pilots of 4th and 5th generation aircraft. The L-39NG is also equipped with five hard-points for weapons.

This is not the first time Vietnam is ordering aircraft from the Czech Republic. During the 1970’s and 80’s, Vietnam received the Zlín Z-226, AERO AE 45 and the L-39 Albatros aircraft. A total of 31 L-39s were delivered to Vietnam via OMNIPOL and their main purpose was to train new cadets.