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Akıncı B Broke Turkish UAV’s Altitude Record

Akıncı B Broke Turkish UAV’s Altitude Record

Bayraktar AKINCI B broke an altitude record during the test flight conducted today. AKINCI broke climbed to an altitude of 40,170 feet. Bayraktar AKINCI's B model, which was developed within the scope of the AKINCI project, met with the sky last week. Bayraktar AKINCI's B model with a total of 1500 HP, 2 x 750 HP, managed to break the altitude record of the Turkish UAV aviation history.

Bayraktar AKINCI A broke the record of UAV aviation history by climbing to an altitude of 38,039 feet in the flight test he carried out on July 8, 2021. The security forces currently use Bayraktar AKINCI A UAVs in operational duties. So far, six Bayraktar AKINCI A have entered the security forces inventory.

Export contracts have been signed with two countries for Bayraktar AKINCI so far. Periodic delivery of Bayraktar AKINCI and ground systems will be conducted as of 2023 within the signed contract scope.Bayraktar AKINCI A has 2 x 450 HP engines producing a total power of 900 HP. Bayraktar AKINCI C, on the other hand, will have a total engine power of 1900 HP, 2 X 950 HP. Bayraktar AKINCI C is also expected to make its first flight in the near future.