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Baykar inks UCAS Engine agreement at Saha Expo

Baykar inks UCAS Engine agreement at Saha Expo
The Ukrainian company will provide an AI-322F Turbofan engine to Baykar’s Unmanned combat aerial vehicle known as MIUS.General Manager of Baykar, Haluk Bayraktar stated that the engine will power up MIUS. He also stated that TB2 UAVs will serve Ukrainian security.Two companies have signed a deal for the integration of the AI-25TLT Turbofan engine to MIUS.Baykar inks UCAS Engine agreement at Saha ExpoBaykar inks UCAS Engine agreement at Saha ExpoThe basic version of the engine, AI-322 is designed to power modern trainers and combat trainers. The AI-322 engine is installed on the Chinese Hongdu JL-10 also known as the L-15 Falcon supersonic advanced jet trainer and light combat aircraft. The engine is in production since 2009.General characteristics
TypeTwo-spool low-bypass turbofan
Length1,960 mm (77.17 in)
Diameter640 mm (25.20 in)
Dry weight440 kg (970.03 lb) in base configuration, 560 kg (1,234.59 lb) in afterburning configuration
Maximum thrust2520 kgf / 24.7 kN (5,552.78 lbf) in takeoff mode (non-afterburning), 4200 kgf / 41.2 kN (9,262.13 lbf) afterburning
Overall pressure ratio15.43:1
Bypass ratio1.19:1
Turbine inlet temperature1,470 K (1,200 °C)
Specific fuel consumption0.66 kg/(kgf h
Thrust-to-weight ratio5.68 (non-afterburning), 7.5 (afterburning)