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Baykar’s TB3 Startes Ground Tests

Baykar’s TB3 Startes Ground Tests

The TB3 unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) system, developed indigenously for take-off and landing on short runway, is on ground tests. The UCAV can perform intelligence reconnaissance and surveillance (ISR) missions and launch an assault operation with smart munitions.

The UCAV is a version of TB2 developed for multi-purpose amphibious assault ships (TCG Anadolu L 400). The UCAV is powered by a PD-170 engine that produces 170 hp at sea level developed by Turkish engine company TUSAŞ Engine Industries (TEI). Bayraktar TB3 has foldable wings to win space on the ship.

tb3 pd170 engine.jpg

The UCAV will take off from conventional run-away. It will later take off from the ski-jump to stimulate the TCG Anadolu’s flight deck. The UCAV will later show its performance from taking off from the ship’s deck.