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Bayraktar TB3 UCAV Reaches 30000 ft Altitude

Bayraktar TB3 UCAV Reaches 30000 ft Altitude

The test sets another milestone for Bayraktar TB3 using TEI’s PD170 turbodiesel engine, with the altitude defined as the operational ceiling. TUSAŞ’s AKSUNGUR UCAV, using two PD170 engines, is the other Turkish platform to pass the 30000 ft mark.

Bayraktar TB3’s previous milestone was 32 hours of non-stop flight and 5700 km total flight distance. Longer durations may be achieved in the future with potential tweaks considered. For example, Bayraktar TB2 Armed UAV, which initially had an endurance of 24 hours, increased its endurance to 27 hours with improvements.

Bayraktar TB3 will conduct various missions from TCG ANADOLU LHD L400 of the Turkish Navy, with a wide range of weapon and sensor payloads unveiled during the UMEX 2024 defence exhibition in the United Arab Emirates. Munition options include guided micro munitions, TOLUN small diameter bomb, KEMANKEŞ jet-powered loitering munition and SUNGUR air-to-air missile.

TB3’s current sensor payload is ASELSAN’s CATS electro-optics; the more advanced ASELFLIR-500 will soon be integrated into the UCAV. The other sensor options are AESA radar and sonobuoys (likely with a lightweight pod). There has been no statement on the type of AESA radar to be used. However, Poland’s integration of Osprey 30 multipurpose radar on Bayraktar TB2 can hint at the subject.