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DIRCM Protection to A400M Aircraft

DIRCM Protection to A400M Aircraft

Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) now can incorporate "Directional Infrared Countermeasure" (DIRCM) technology into A400M aircraft. The business originally used it on the A400M MSN105 aircraft. Through the missile warning equipment, the aircraft will detect incoming missiles and destroy them.

TUSAŞ is in charge of manufacturing and delivering 405 detail and subassembly pieces for the DIRCM Project. With its multi-target capacity, the system, which will give 360-degree protection to the aircraft with the DIRCM hardware to be fitted, will be able to identify numerous missiles simultaneously.

TUSAŞ also includes DIRCM structural design and analysis, equipment assembly design, retrofit solution design, detail component manufacture, assembly, and a total work package of 2 km new cable fabrication for each aircraft.

Turkish Aerospace General Manager Professor Temel Kotil commented on the integrated "Directed Infrared Countermeasure" project, saying, "We continue to contribute to our country"s aviation capabilities by integrating infrastructure of a new generation technology into the A400M aircraft for the first time." We are continuing our faultless manufacturing and delivery procedures in the A400M programme, one of the world"s largest aircraft. "I want to thank my co-workers for their hard work," he remarked.

The DIRCM offers consistent, long-term defence against IR-guided missiles, including sophisticated, all-aspect Man-Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS) missiles.

DIRCM Protection to A400M Aircraft