Eurosatory Opens its Doors: Israel Bypasses Blockade

Eurosatory Opens its Doors: Israel Bypasses Blockade Photo Credit @K100DR_alpha

France’s biggest land forces’ expo, Eurosatory, opens its doors today. Israeli companies bypass the blockade and present their products. 

French President Emmanuel Macron closed three weeks ago Eurosatory’s doors to Israeli companies as the Netanyahu government did not respond to his request to end the military operation in Rafah. The French government prohibited Israeli companies from attending Eurosatory 2024. The Eurosatory opens its doors today, and Israeli products are exhibited even though they are excluded. Spain-based Defence company General Dynamics European Land Systems exhibits its 6X6 Armoured Vehicles Pandur. Pandur family has 6X6 and 8X8 versions with amphibious or terrestrial configurations. The 6X6 Pandur exhibited at Eurosatory is equipped with Israeli defence company Elbit’s turret. Two companies shook hands in May to integrate Crossbow Unmanned Turreted 120 mm mortar systems into Pandur. 

The contract’s result worth approximately $ 53 million is presented at the expo. It is known that the Crossbow Unmanned Turreted 120mm Soft Recoil Mortar Systems will be supplied to an undisclosed European customer. Crossbow was unveiled at the DSEI exhibition in London in 2023. According to Elbit, Crossbow can shoot the first round in less than 30 seconds with ten rounds per minute and a sustained rate of fire of six rounds per minute. The system can fire various NATO 120mm ammunition, including the Iron Sting guided mortar munition.