Nurol Makina Introduces Estonia’s New Vehicle

Nurol Makina Introduces Estonia’s New Vehicle

Estonian President Alar Karis visited the Nurol Makina factory in Ankara and was briefed about the NMS 4X4 armoured vehicles his country will receive. President Karis and his delegation were welcomed at the facility by Deputy Secretary of Turkish Defence Industry Secretariat Mustafa Şeker, Vice Chairman of Nurol Holding, Oğuz Çarmıklı, Board Member of Nurol Holding, Gürol Çarmıklı, and General Manager of Nurol Makina, Engin Aykol. The visit also included Estonian Ambassador of Türkiye Väino Reinart, and Türkiye’s Ambassador to Tallinn, Başak Türkoğlu. 

Touring the facilities, Karis examined the vehicles, especially the NMS 4X4 EWBs produced for Estonia, and received detailed information. In his speech, Karis mentioned that they chose Nurol Makina to meet their defence needs due to the high-quality products, sustainability, and fast delivery times. Karis emphasized the importance of rapid delivery, noting that their region’s geopolitical and security situation has become more tense than it has been for decades. 

He highlighted the expectation of increased security challenges in the near future, saying, “Of course, your product has been tested in combat. Turkiye has extensive experience in modern warfare, which is directly reflected in the development of armoured vehicles and military equipment. Additionally, the war in Ukraine has shown that the capacity of allied defence industries needs to be increased, and Turkiye is undoubtedly a leader and role model here with its innovative and capable defence industry. However, we also value the production of the Turkish defence industry because Turkiye is an important NATO ally, a military-strong and capable ally. Both Estonia and Turkiye are at the forefront of NATO. We both know what it means to face the main threats of the alliance directly. Therefore, I am confident your vehicles will serve Estonia’s defence forces well in defending our country and the alliance overall.” 

Nurol Makina’s General Manager, Aykol, mentioned that they meet the needs of different geographies, especially NATO countries, with high mobility and protection-level vehicles. Aykol stated that they serve over 20 countries and have over 1,700 vehicles. Aykol expressed its happiness at supporting the security forces in Estonia with competitively preferred vehicles on the international stage. On October 18, 2023, Nurol Makina signed a contract with the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI) for 100 NMS 4X4 vehicles. ECDI is the central procurement agency under the administration of the Ministry of Defence. 

The NMS 4X4 armoured vehicles will be adapted to the specific needs of the Estonian army. Various mission equipment present in the Estonian army’s inventory will be installed in the vehicles. According to Estonian needs, the new configuration is called NMS 4X4 Extended Wheelbase (NMS 4X4 EWB). This configuration is designed to provide enhanced space and versatility for various operational requirements. With its longer wheelbase, the vehicle has a larger interior compartment and increased carrying capacity. The extended space permits additional equipment, personnel, or special modules adapted to specific missions. The interior can be customized to suit different operational needs. 

The vehicle maintains the armoured protection and features of the basic platform, ensuring the safety and security of passengers at a high level. With the increased width provided by the extended wheelbase, the NMS 4X4, which previously could carry up to seven crew members, can now carry up to 11. Nurol Makina is expected to deliver the NMS 4X4 EWB vehicles within a year. Estonia is the sixth country and the third NATO member to prefer the NMS 4X4. 

Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a source of concern for former USSR countries, and the Baltic region is no exception. Russia’s increased interest in a future maritime route in the Arctic is another source of concern. Estonia is also a NATO member committed to contributing to the alliance’s collective defence. The NMS 4X4 EWB vehicles provide high mobility, essential for rapid deployment and flexibility in responding to various threats. This capability is vital for both national defence and international missions under NATO. 

Otokar, another Turkish defence company, also produces armoured vehicles for Estonia. On October 18, 2023, Otokar and ECDI signed a contract to supply ARMA 6x6 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) at around €130 million, including maintenance equipment and training services. The deliveries are planned to be initiated in the second half of 2024 and completed by 2025.