Patria Tests New Tracked All-Terrain Vehicle

Patria Tests New Tracked All-Terrain Vehicle

Finnish Patria was seen testing its new FAMOUS tracked all-terrain vehicle on the snowy terrain of Finland on a video. The video uploaded on YouTube was later deleted. FAMOUS was first revealed in the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition with a dual-feed RCWS carrying a 30x113 mm autocannon, as reported by Army Recognition.

FAMOUS, weighing 15 tons, is highly reminiscent of an MRAP on the top side, more resembling a tracked APC on the bottom. The tracks are very large despite the vehicle’s weight lower than most APC/IFV platforms. The design is made this way to allow the vehicle to go on slippery and rough terrain with a greater grasp of the ground.

he vehicle is mainly intended as an armoured personnel carrier (Ten personnel in cabin), with future versions like mortar carriers and ambulances under consideration. Powered by a 250-kW engine, FAMOUS can reach a speed of 80 km/h. The vehicle would not only be feasible for high latitudes but also for cold-muddy terrain. The frozen mud’s slow melting results in a hazard that is difficult to overcome even for standard tracked vehicles. This has caused many vehicles to get stuck in Ukraine from both sides.