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Fifth P-72 for Turkish Navy

Fifth P-72 for Turkish Navy

Turkish Navy has taken delivery of the fifth P-72 maritime patrol aircraft in Phase III of the Meltem Project. Defence Industry Agency (SSB) announced the delivery.

Turkish Navy continues its efforts for better infrastructure with modern components. The fifth P-72 maritime patrol aircraft has been delivered to the Turkish Navy. President of SSB, Professor İsmail Demir, announced the delivery. He said, “Our P-72 maritime patrol aircraft would be one of the strategic elements in the Blue Homeland (Mavi Vatan) defence. The sixth and last P-72 is expected to join the Turkish Navy in the first half of 2023.

Many Turkish manufacturers and defence companies contributed to the project. Parts manufacturing, aircraft structural and electrical component modification as well as system tests, and Integrated logistics support activities are carried out by Turkish Aerospace. ASELSAN provides system and device support. Milsoft Link 11 and Link 16 datalinks are placed on the aircraft. Havelsan also upgraded the ground stations of platforms to support Link 11 and Link 16.

P-72 maritime patrol aircraft is derived from ATR-72 aeroplanes and provide a capability boost to the Turkish Navy. Naval aviation can conduct extended patrol missions in the operation area and at longer distances. Aircraft also provides better operational capabilities for both her crew and ground elements.