HÜRKUŞ Light Attack Aircraft Releases LGK-81

HÜRKUŞ Light Attack Aircraft Releases LGK-81

HÜRKUŞ in Air-Ground Integration Aircraft (HYEU) configuration, recognisable from the tail number released the ammunition. HÜRKUŞ HYEU, the advanced variant according to the 135th fleet requirements, is expected to provide significant advantages with its low flight cost and advanced avionics systems.

The test with LGK-81 marks the heaviest munition to be released, as well as the first munition from ASELSAN. LGK-81 is the lightest member of the LGK GPS+Laser guidance kit family, intended for 250 lb Mk 81 general-purpose bombs. The munition has also been integrated into Bayraktar AKINCI armed UAV.

So far, the munitions integrated into HÜRKUŞ include ROKETSAN’s MAM-L smart munition, L-UMTAS ATGM, CİRİT 70 mm laser-guided missile; and TÜBİTAK SAGE’s TOGAN 81 mm unguided munition. TR Mekatronik (A JV between Sarsılmaz and TUSAŞ) is also working on a 12.7 mm gun pod for HÜRKUŞ for close air support missions.

HÜRKUŞ was previously fitted with external fuel tanks (EFT). The aircraft reached five hours of endurance during the flight tests.