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MKE's Boran howitzers for Macedonia

MKE's Boran howitzers for Macedonia
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The Army of Northern Macedonia (ARSM) is expected to procure 18 Boran 105mm Air Transportable Light towed Howitzer from Turkey as part of its armament design for 2019-2028. Mechanical and Chemical Industries Corporation (MKE ) produces the light towed howitzer in Çankırı.

According to the Balkan Security Network, the Minister of Defence of Northern Macedonia, Radmila Sekerinska visited Turkey during the International Defence Industry Expo (IDEF) and signed an agreement with her Turkish counterpart, Hulusi Akar, on five-year military-economic cooperation. Official information on Boran may be available soon.

The Boran is produced by MKE Corporation and is intended for use by the Turkish Special Forces. The Boran weighs 1,710kg, has a maximum range of 17km, a firing rate of 6 rounds per minute, and is transported by a Black Hawk helicopter. Skopje currently has 18 M2A1 of 105mm in service, which are very old and reach a maximum range of 11,275m.


The light howitzer is designed in the MKE factory according to the tactical and technical requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces for fire support weapons for commando units.