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Modernised VAB-Q 6x6 AFV Displayed at DIMDEX 2024

Modernised VAB-Q 6x6 AFV Displayed at DIMDEX 2024

The vehicle is modernised with new electronics, communication systems and SARP RCWS from ASELSAN.

The new communication system is IP-based, providing increased clarity of sound. ASELSAN has experience with modernising communication systems for various armoured vehicles. Several examples include BTR-80 modernisation and M60 Patton MBT modernisation packages.

On the other hand, the integration of 12.7 mm HMG-fitted SARP RCWS contributes to precision and target acquirement capabilities. Baseline SARP RCWS supports 7.62 mm GPMGs, 12.7 mm HMGs, and 40 mm AGLs.

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SARP is one of ASELSAN's most established product families, and different variants of it exist. Some of them are SARP KPVT with 14.5 mm HMG, SARP-L for 7.62 mm GPMG or Gatling gun, SARP DUAL with a coaxial machine gun, and SERDAR turret with up to four Skif ATGMs.