Poland Receives KTO Rosomak Panzer with Unmanned Turret

Poland Receives KTO Rosomak Panzer with Unmanned Turret

The Polish Armed Forces have taken delivery of the first five KTO Rosomak Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) featuring the ZSSW-30 unmanned turret and anti-tank missile launcher. The General Command of the Armed Forces (DGRSZ) and the Armed Forces Agency announced on social media that these advanced KTO panzers have been allocated to the 21st Podhale Rifle Brigade.

The new equipment is specifically designed to engage targets, armoured objects, and fortifications employed by adversaries while providing crucial fire support to friendly forces during combat operations, according to statements from DGRSZ.

It is noteworthy that the Polish Ministry of National Defence had previously inked a contract in 2002 for the acquisition of 690 Patria AMV/KTO Rosomak vehicles in various configurations. In the same month and year, the Armament Agency entered into an additional contract worth 390 million Euros with the Polish defence industry for the procurement of 70 ZSSW-30 turrets by 2027.


The KTO Rosomak itself is the outcome of collaboration between the Finnish manufacturer Patria and the Polish company Rosomak S.A., which has held the license for production since 2005. Equipped with a Scania DI 12 diesel engine generating 480-543 horsepower, the panzer can achieve a top speed of 100 km/h and boasts a maximum range of 800 km.

Notably, the KTO Rosomak is fully amphibious, capable of navigating water at speeds of up to 10 km/h using two water jets located at the rear of the hull. With a rear compartment accommodating 10 soldiers and the front occupied by the driver and commander, the versatility of the vehicle is a testament to its operational capabilities.