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TF-X gets its digital twin

TF-X gets its digital twin

Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) started to work with the digital twin of the National Combat Aircraft (TF-X). The technology will speed the design and production of aircraft, which is expected to leave the hangar on March 18, 2023.

TUSAŞ agreed with Dassault Systemes to use the 3DEXPERIENCE Product Lifecycle Management and aviation industry experience to develop TF-X from design to production.

TUSAŞ, which will carry out all the designs and tests of TF-X with the help of digital twin technologies, will thus have the opportunity to design products and test the design in a virtual environment.

The TF-X Project, which was initiated to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces is aimed to produce modern aircraft designed with domestic facilities and capabilities that can replace the F-16 aircraft in the inventory of the Turkish Air Force Command and which are planned to be gradually removed from the inventory as of the 2030s.

In this context, TF-X will leave the hangar in 2023, make its first flight in 2026 and be included in the inventory as of 2030.