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Türkiye Exports Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Egypt

Türkiye Exports Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Egypt

Minister Fidan, a guest on a television program, announced that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will go to Egypt soon. Fidan stated that the purchase of UAVs has been on the agenda with Egypt in the new period. Minister Fidan did not share information or a schedule regarding how many units of which system would be procured.


At the December EDEX 2023 defence industry fair held in Egypt, Bayraktar TB2 Armed /UAV and AKINCI UCAV models were exhibited with the Egyptian flag and in addition to Baykar, companies from Turkey, such as ASELSAN, TUSAŞ and ROKETSAN also participated in the defence industry fair in question. Like Baykar, TUSAŞ also has Armed /UAVs with various features.