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TUSAŞ to Exhibit its Platforms

TUSAŞ to Exhibit its Platforms
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Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) will bring its indigenous air platform programmes to IDEF. The TF-X mock-up will be exhibited in Turkey alone with Hürjet and Heavy Attack Helicopter T929.

TUSAŞ will exhibit at front row Heavy Attack Helicopter T929, Gökbey general utility helicopter, Hürjet and TF-X. Anka UAV will be placed at the second row of the platform.

Hürket has BNA’s payload on board and KGK-83 and Bozdoğan Air –to –air missile installed. BNA’s payload is an external auxiliary fuel system. The payload was also seen on Hürkuş aircraft before.

A heavy attack helicopter is equipped with a 19 cell hydra rocket launcher against ground targets and short-range air to air missiles, Sungur. It was formerly exhibited full black. This time there is a military camouflage on the air platform.

TUSAŞ’s UAV Aksungur, helicopter T-129 and aircraft Hürkuş are not brought to the exhibition area as of today.