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TUSAŞ's Anka-3 Unveiled

TUSAŞ's Anka-3 Unveiled

The V-shaped aircraft does not have horizontal and vertical stabilisation to reduce its RCS. In terms of appearance, the UAV resembles Russia"s Ohotnik, USA"s X-47B and Europe"s nEUROn projects.


The ANKA 3 will be powered by a turbofan jet engine, and its MTOW will be approximately 7 tons. The UAV will reach a speed of 0.7 Mach. ANKA-3 will have internal and external weapon stations. The aircraft is mainly developed for air-to-ground missions. It will conduct ISR, deep-strike and destruction/suppression of enemy air defence (DEAD/SEAD) missions.

TUSAŞ started the Anka-3 project in February 2022.