USAF Awards $345 Million Contract to RTX for StormBreaker

USAF Awards $345 Million Contract to RTX for StormBreaker

StormBreaker is an air-launched, air-to-surface, precision-strike standoff and network-enabled weapon that can engage moving targets in all weather conditions using its multi-effects warhead and tri-mode seeker; 

millimetre wave radar identifies and tracks targets through the weather.

Infrared imaging improves target discrimination. 

The weapon's semi-active laser tracks an aerial or ground laser designator. 

The small size of StormBreaker allows fewer aircraft to take out the same amount of targets as larger weapons that require numerous jets. The weapon can also fly beyond 45 miles to hit mobile targets, minimising the time aircrews are in danger. 

Raytheon Stormbreaker TurDef.jpg

StormBreaker smart weapon integration activities on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet aircraft have commenced. StormBreaker has received official approval for operational usage on the F-15E.