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Three products of ASELSAN will enter the inventory

Three products of ASELSAN will enter the inventory

ASELSAN General Manager Ahmet Akyol spoke to Anadolu News Agency and said they developed three new products this year, which will enter the inventory with continuing the Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) and MİLGEM project.

Reminding that the GÖKDENİZ Close-in Weapon System (CIWS) was recently integrated into the MİLGEM 5th ship, Akyol stated that they have signed export contracts with all three countries so far. Akyol noted that GÖKDENİZ is a system that neutralises air and surface targets at close-in range with airburst ammunition.


Stating that they completed the nationalisation work on the air defence radars on the mast of the ship, which was purchased from abroad in previous years and had difficulties in obtaining them from time to time, Akyol stated that the CENK radar had taken its place on the MİLGEM 5th ship. Akyol noted that CENK acts as the ship's air defence radar and enables the detection and identification of all aircraft, missiles and surface vehicles approaching the vessel. Ahmet Akyol said, "CENK radar is an extremely high technology. It enters the inventory of the Naval Forces this year with its active scanning radar technology."

Another product to be brought to the Naval Forces this year is the AKREP fire control radar, which was integrated into the MİLGEM 5th ship. Ahmet Akyol said, "We are adding three products to the inventory this year that will strengthen the power of the Naval Forces." 

In addition, Akyol stated that their underwater work continues at the same intensity and that Turkiye's first autonomous underwater vehicle, DERİNGÖZ, is about to enter the inventory.