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ANKA-3 UCAV Performs Its Maiden Flight

ANKA-3 UCAV Performs Its Maiden Flight

Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) long waited until ANKA-3 has taken off for the first time. A photo of the unmanned system in the air is shared on social media.
ANKA-3 is a stealth UAV thanks to its “flying wing” and tailless structure. This design prevents it from engaging in air combat but allows it to perform operations without alarming early warning systems.

The first flight of ANKA III lasted 70 minutes. Reaching an altitude of 8 thousand feet, ANKA III flew at 150 knots.
ANKA III took off at 08.38. HÜRKUŞ Basic Training Aircraft and ANKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle escorted the UCAV. Turkish Aerospace Industries develops all these air platforms with domestic resources.
ANKA-3 was displayed on the runway for the first time in March 2023, and ground tests were started in spring. His jet engine and structure allow it to have high air platform volume. This UAV will have a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 6.5 tons. The ANKA III system will carry 650 kg of ammunition at each of the two stations in the fuselage, 650 kilograms of ammunition at each wing inner station, and 100 kg of ammunition at each outer station. In this way, many options can be integrated, from the most commonly used ammunition in today's unmanned aerial vehicles to large ammunition such as SOM-J, MK-82 and Small Diameter Bomb. A tanker version of the UAV will serve other platforms on the air. The best-known practice of ANKA-3 will be the Super Şimşek UAV, which will be located under the wings. ANKA-3 will participate in the Autonomous Wingman Concept (OKU) program as the pilot’s assistant UAV.

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The UAV was expected to perform its maiden flight in May 2023. It is learned that the UAV’s cards related to actuators did not reach the required performance. Following developments studies, the UAV was said to be at the edge of performing its maiden flight anytime since October. The UAV’s flight coincides with the day after the planned flight of Combat Fighter KAAN, which was postponed.