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Chad Modernises its Army with Turkish Defence Products

Chad Modernises its Army with Turkish Defence Products

Chad Presidential office shared a video on the official Facebook account today showing the visit of President, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, General Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno’s visit to the Adji Kossei Air Base in N’Djamena. The video also said, “The Air Force benefits from high-tech equipment and materials. As part of modernising the Chadian National Army, the government has just acquired high-tech equipment and materials for the benefit of the Air Force.” 

Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno is elected as the nation’s transition president to govern for a non-renewable two years transition period until elections. Four Star General Déby examined military equipment such as HÜRKUŞ-C, MALE Class ANKA-S , MAM-L and CİRİT supplied by the Chad National Army from Turkiye. Chad Air Force Anka-S TurDef.jpg

Chad also bought and received three Hürkuş-c light combat aircraft in the first quarter of 2023 from Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ). The announcement was made at Pretoria at the African Aviation and Defence Fair AAD 2022. The Hürkuş-C is designed for close air support and armed reconnaissance missions. 

Chad Air Force presents Roketsans MAM-L TurDef.jpg

It can drop Unguided General Purpose Bombs, INS / GPS Guided General Purpose Bombs, Smart Micro Munition or fire Laser Guided missiles. Roketsan’s MAM-L and Cirit were also spotted on the visit. MAM-L is a Smart Micro Munition used against heavily armoured vehicles like tanks. Cirit is a semi-active laser-guided version of Hydra rockets. They are preferred against personnel and protected vehicles.