HAVELSAN to Perform KAAN’s Training Mission

HAVELSAN to Perform KAAN’s Training Mission

In order to develop embedded training systems in KAAN, the “HAVELSAN KAAN Training Systems Agreement” was signed between TUSAŞ and HAVELSAN at IDEF. With the contract, HAVELSAN assumed the primary responsibility for all end-to-end training systems of KAAN.
Thanks to the Embedded Training System to be developed, KAAN pilots will be able to receive training while flying.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, HAVELSAN General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar said, “According to this concept called Live, Virtual, and Constructive in the World, we are happy to be able to develop the training systems of KAAN from end to end with the experience and capabilities we have.”

TUSAŞ KAAN Fighter Jet TurDef.jpg
Since HAVELSAN developed the digital twin of the KAAN aircraft in software, it has significant information about the plane. The company cooperated with Epic Games, one of the leading game software companies, and obtained the right to access the company’s “unreal engine” real-time 3D creation tool.

Most aircraft have two pilot versions for pilot training missions. There is no announcement made yet about the tandem seat version of KAAN.