TEI’s TS1400 Engine Produced Targeted Power; 1400 SHP

TEI’s TS1400 Engine Produced Targeted Power; 1400 SHP
TUSAŞ Engine Industries’ (TEI) TS1400 engine recently produced the targeted continuous power cycle. The engine will power Turkey’s indigenous utility helicopter program, Gökbey. Once the tests are completed, the engine with more than 1400 horsepower will be integrated into the Gökbey helicopter.

TEI’s TS1400 Engine Produced Targeted Power; 1400 SHPThe engine will provide lift power to an aerial platform that will carry humans for the first time. Former engines were used on unmanned platforms.General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors of TEI, Professor Mahmut Faruk Akşit, said, “Our goal is to successfully pass all the tests of the TEI-TS1400 engine within 2023 and receive the manned flight certificate from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.”TEI’s TS1400 Engine Produced Targeted Power; 1400 SHPProfessor Akşit stated that Alp Aviation produced Gökbey’s gearbox in Eskişehir. Emphasising that Alp Aviation is experienced in the production of gearboxes, Akşit said, “When the engine project of our indigenous helicopter Gökbey came to us, we knocked on Alp Aviation’s door for the gearbox, which is the most critical subsystem of the engine. With our engineering support, they are also a design and engineering company. They set up the team. We developed the gearbox completely original and domestically in Turkey.” Pointing out that Alp Aviation manufactures the gearbox following international quality standards, Akşit said, “With the first shaft gearbox, we reached the maximum continuous power cycle of our first shaft helicopter engine. It is essential to achieve this in the first attempt with the gearbox produced for the first time. We have reached the maximum output speed of 23 thousand rpm and the maximum continuous power of 1400 hp.”TEI’s TS1400 Engine Produced Targeted Power; 1400 SHPAlp Aviation undertook the production of gearboxes for 109 helicopters produced under the Sikorsky License within Turkey’s Utility Helicopter TUHP program in Turkey.The Turboshaft Engine Development Project (TEDP) was launched officially on March 8, 2017. The project has been carried out under the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) Department of Engine and Power Transmission Systems leadership.Technical Features

SLS ISA TO Power1,400 shp
SLS ISA 30 sec OEI Power1,660 shp
TO Power / Weight8,54 (shp)/(kg)
Service Ceiling20,000 ft
Output Shaft Speed23,000 rpm