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TF-X will be first time displayed at IDEF

TF-X will be first time displayed at IDEF

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) will exhibit the Combat Aircraft mock-up at IDEF for the first time. The HÜRJET Simulator will also take place at its stand, where TUSAŞ will exhibit its air platforms and space system projects.

TUSAŞ will exhibit ANKA, AKSUNGUR, ATAK, ATAK 2, GÖKBEY, HÜRKUŞ, HURJET and Indigenous Combat Aircraft at the fair. In addition to all air platforms, TUSAŞ will exhibit ist HÜRJET Simulator.

President and CEO of Turkish Aerospace Professor Temel Kotil said, “We are excited to be attending an event from this region, which is the first to review the pandemic. We will exhibit the National Combat Aircraft, the country’s biggest survival project. We will take the TF-X out of the hangar on March 18, 2023. ATAK 2 and HÜRJET will make their maiden flights on March 18, 2023.” The TF-X mock-up was first exhibited at the Paris Le Bourget Air Show in 2019.

With a designed maximum speed of Mach 2, a service ceiling of 17,000m (55,000ft), and a combat range of 1,111km (690 miles), TF-X is being designed as a multirole fighter, capable of air superiority missions and long-range stand-off attack missions as well as operating with unmanned wingman platforms.