Two TUSAŞ Products Displayed Airshow in a Row

Two TUSAŞ Products Displayed Airshow in a Row

Farnborough International Airshow began today under extreme heat exceeding 40 Centigrate Celcius. Turkish Aerospace Company exhibits its products and mock-ups at the airshow. Turkiye’s Indigenous Fighter TF mock-up is displayed with its weapon payload. Advanced jet trainer and light attack aircraft Hürjet’s mock-up is displayed in Turkish Flag colours. The mock-up is indicated for the first time.

TUSAŞ’s UAV’s single-engine ANKA and twin-engine Aksungur are parked side by side. The ANKA has two versions of Şimşek drones in orange colour underwings. The thin UAV is developed as a supersonic target UAV project, while the standard target drone is transformed into a loitering munition.

Twin-engine UAV Aksungur is also displayed for the first time at Farnborough. The UAV had a sonobuoy payload under the right wing. The UAV can be used for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) missions.

TUSAŞ’s turboprop engine Hürkuş aircraft flew from Turkiye to the United Kingdom to attend the airshow. The aircraft suits Close Air Support (CAS) missions and training. The plane is displayed at the TUSAŞ Chalet while a version took place on the airshow.

Gökbey, a general-purpose helicopter for civilian and military use, is also displayed at the airshow.

T-129 Atak helicopter and Hürkuş aircraft displayed their capacity with the airshow.