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HÜRJET Joins the Spanish Tender for New Trainer Aircraft

HÜRJET Joins the Spanish Tender for New Trainer Aircraft Photo Kaan Azman

TUSAŞ’s HÜRJET Trainer/LCA is among the contenders for Spain’s F-5 trainer aircraft replacement tender. The Aviation Week reported that Spain has revived its efforts to replace its ageing F-5 trainer aircraft. HÜRJET is among the contenders. Lt. Col. Hugo Garcia Galán of the Spanish Air and Space Force revealed during the FCAS24 panel that the service is pursuing an entirely new platform. Other contenders include Italy’s Leonardo M-346, ROK’s KAI T-50, and American Boeing’s T-7. This is the second known run for HÜRJET after the Malaysian LCA programme. In the Malaysian LCA procurement programme won by KAI FA-50, HÜRJET’s other competitors included M-346, Russian Yak-130, Pakistani JF-17, Indian HAL Tejas, and Chinese L-15. Spain might not have a warm approach to M-346 as Italy is a partner of the GCAP next-generation fighter programme, and Spain is a consortium member of the FCAS programme, which is a direct counterpart. HÜRJET and T-7 will be the freshest contenders in terms of their development timeframe. HÜRJET made its maiden flight on the 25th of April, 2023, and is continuing its flight tests. The latest flight tests aim to test the aircraft’s ability to perform higher-G manoeuvres. The aircraft will first enter service as an advanced trainer to replace T-38 trainers and proceed to other areas. Some of these are projected as combat, aerobatics, and carrier-based use with STOBAR operation.